Winter Hair…Whatever….

Winnipeg winters can be your hair’s worst enemy. The dryness, static, and frizz can drive you nuts and since you’re perhaps not socializing as much, you may be tempted to just ignore your hair until the spring breezes inspire you to once again visit the salon. Let me tell you how to get the most out of your hair in these cold, cold months.
First: treat your hair to some love! Certainly there are some great products to repair your hair later on if you’ve been mistreating it or ignoring it for a while but keeping it moisturized and nourished during these extremely dry months can ensure your hair will be ready for the summer sun. We recommend Kevin Murphy Hydrate.me Wash and Rinse (shampoo and conditioner). These products will also help reduce static and frizz. For added help try KM’s Easy Rider or Young Again for finishing.
Next: book a cut. Sometimes this gets neglected anyway if you are trying to gain length in fact it seems like a lot of women actually dread haircuts and trims these days. It can almost seem like a necessary evil! It’s true that the trend is long hair with an emphasis on color and style but the cut can be more important than you might think. The latest cut technique deals with split ends. Since those pesky splits tend to move up the hair shaft they get missed when your ends get trimmed. Even layering will miss them. When done right it can make the hair look and feel amazingly healthy without having to cut lots off.
This winter make it a priority to take good care of your hair. At Élan Hair Studio we’ve got you covered! We not only provide great hair services in a friendly environment we also can provide professional advice on all your hair care needs.

By: Renn VanDyck
Owner/Master Stylist