The Red Shift

Yes it’s time to talk about this…

From ginger waves to hot fiery locks Red Hair is the next BIG Trend! It’s true that blond hair will never go out of fashion completely but let’s face it, doesn’t red hair make as much of a visual impact? For far too long redheads have been on the sidelines anyway. Being in the hairstyling industry for awhile you can almost feel the shift in trends in your bones. Even if a trend comes out of the blue in hindsight you realize it makes perfect sense. That said here is why I think hairstylists are about to create a Red Shift.

Besides being overdue for a re-think, red colors are very easily tinkered with to create a wide range of shades. So much so that the colorist that has been focused on creating every variation of blond imaginable in the last few years will look to reds as a new frontier! The Tone is the Thing. Anyone can squeeze a color out of a tube but a true colorist takes it upon themselves to create a shade that is truly multi-dimensional and unique… mixing cool tones with warm to create either a metallic finish to the color, control the saturation or to add a secondary undertone.

Of course not everyone suits red or will feel comfortable as a red head. That is up to you to decide with your hairstylist. The only thing I want to point out here is that just as blonds can be warm or cool so can reds. There are more women that have gone blond in recent years because hairstylists have been able to produced shades that looked beautiful on them. In the hands of the creative colorists out there red hair color has the same potential.

By: Renn VanDyck

Owner/Master Stylist

Élan Hair Studio

Red Shift at Élan Hair Studio
Red Shift at Élan Hair Studio