Summer Swing!

Summer is here and the weather is getting hot! So our stylists have risen to the occasion and produced some hot new hair looks. Let me bring a few together here to show you whats on trend and perhaps inspire you to see one of our professionals for a New Hot Look of your own!


Rose Gold By: Marycel


This is a Super Hot Color this summer! Marycel Has added a smoky violet-ash drop shadow with Golden Blond highlights into the strawberry mid-lengths and ends. Finished off with a B0-Ho wave it’s the BOMB!

TIP* to maintain this color at home we recommend using Blondme Instant Blush Strawberry. Available at the salon!


Honey Beige Blond By: Danielle


Icy Cool blonds are great but sometimes they just don’t feel summery enough on hot sunny days. This summer it’s all about warming up the tone! Of course that doesn’t mean brassy! Here Danielle has warmed it up perfectly with a honey beige toner.

TIP* Long Fine hair looks better combed out after curling…for more tips read on!


Sun-Kissed Copper By: Hannah


Not everyone can pull off a strong copper haircolor. But look at the softness and the dimension Hannah has created here! The Shadows and Highlights are giving it a Natural Sun-Kissed feel.

Tip* If your hair is thick and especially if it is on the shorter side(like Hannah’s guest here) don’t OVER-CURL! You will want to keep the wand vertical  and draw the hair downward as you wrap the hair. Use an Anti-frizz cream like Kevin Murphy Easyrider. If your hair is fine wrap it a bit tighter then thicken it with Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair!


Lilac and Strawberry By: Renn


If your hair is darker this is a great Colour-Look! So much Dimension and Shine! Lilac with Strawberry on a deep smokey base!

Tip* Here the finish is even more relaxed. The thicker your hair the less curl the better…even leave the ends straight! These Bo-Ho waves are the hottest trend right now!


To Sum Up!

For Color this Summer think Warmer… but the tone is the thing…it should be an actual tone you would find in our summer “world”. Dimension is the key also. Shadows and Highlights need to be added to make it look natural and interesting….you will be glad you paid the extra for it as it will not only look great but make your color last twice as long too!

Our Professionals do a Darn Good Job and they’re waiting to see you!

By Renn VanDyck

Owner/Master Stylist

Élan Hair Studio



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