Emily – Junior Stylist

Emily’s love for hair started backstage. Her natural talent allowed her to help her fellow dancers with their hair and makeup backstage at their performances. She loves all things fashion and beauty. Emily enjoys making a client’s vision reality, and takes pride in the work she does. She is a 2015 graduate, and she is eager to progress in her career as a well rounded stylist.She will be attending makeup artistry school in September to further cater to her clients needs. Her short-term career goals are to compete in the Contessa Awards, and take home a trophy.  A long term career goal of Emily’s is to be a stylist in New York’s fashion week. She dreams of visiting all of the world’s fashion capitals, and meeting top designers and famous models. One of her lifetime goals is to travel to all of Canada’s coasts, and everywhere in between.

Check out Emily’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hairbyemiilyannne/

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Her hours

Every second Monday 10-5
Wednesday 10-3
Friday 12-8
Saturday 12-6

*hours are subject to change due to holidays and vacations

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