Spring Hair! Time for Change?

There’s this feeling that accompanies the warm breezes of spring that inspire one to renew themselves along with the flowers and trees. Often this means a trip to the salon to be transformed by your stylist. Hopefully they are ready for you; after all you’ve done your homework: poured through Pinterest, Google and Instagram , saved your favourite images to your phone and now you’re ready with your own analysis and questions to ask when you get to the chair.
If you have a great stylist then they should match your enthusiasm! If they don’t then I recommend you put an equal effort into finding a new stylist as you did for your new spring do! Now you may ask me “Renn you are a hairstylist…don’t you rely on client loyalty? Why would you encourage clients to cheat?”
Cheating on your hairdresser is becoming less of a sin and there is a new generation of clients that want the freedom to go to whomever, whenever. Having a stylist that you are loyal to until the “end of time” can have it’s drawbacks. Sometimes even your hairdresser runs out of creative ideas for you and may feel like there’s nothing new to try. Those vibes you feel from your stylist may seem like apathy but are really coming from this lack of inspiration.
The other thing that may be keeping you loyal is fear….fear that trying someone new may end up in a disaster for your hair. It’s true you could be taking a risk, that’s why some sleuthing on your part is key. The first advice I have is to keep it close to home. The perfect stylist for you could be working at the next station over. Most salon owners would rather you try another stylist in their salon then lose your business completely and they have policies in place to ensure the stylist you are switching from won’t take it personally. The other recommendation is to use Instagram. Most stylist have an Instagram page these days. Even if you don’t have an account yourself you can still search through hashtags and profiles of practically every stylist in your area! They will have tones of images of their work. Just make sure you pick one that seems to do work that is similar to what you would like for yourself and always book a consultation first!
The bottom line is that if you love your hairdresser be loyal; but if you’re not feeling it anymore be fearless and try someone new! After all- It’s your Hair!

By Renn VanDyck
Salon Owner and Master Stylist

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