Should I Cut My Hair?


These days the trend is obviously long hair…or is it? If you peruse hairstylist’s on Instagram  you might think short hair is taboo in salons! The reality is that younger stylists dominate the platform…and they are really into doing long hair. One can easily be convinced that it is all that’s going on in hair at the moment.

Not so! Do a quick google search for short hair trends and you will see. Pinterest is also a better place to find shorter styles and there are some fantastic ones out there! Just like you have to find the online platform that showcases the hairstyles you’re interested in, so too you have to search out the salon or stylist that does the kind of work that interests you.

If shorter hair is your thing come to Élan Hair Studio. We pride ourselves on our versatility in hairstyling. Let us help you express your individuality!


Renn VanDyck

Owner/Master Stylist

Élan Hair Studio