Ombré or Balayage?

“Beautiful” in a word

If you see someone that has hair that looks so beautiful and natural that the colors melt into each other flawlessly like the sun kissed their hair, or maybe it’s the opposite: bright vibrant shades, boldly accented but perfectly executed. That’s the power of balayage, a technique that comes from the French word “to sweep”.  Ombré on the other hand, is simply the effect that is achieved. The strands typically go from darker at the root to lighter on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. With so many variations the possibilities are amazing.

Hair By Emily(Junior Stylist at Elan)

Here are a few things to consider when you are contemplating balyage or ombré:

  • The upkeep can be low. An ombré can last a long time.
  • Are you okay with your natural regrowth coming in?
  • How much lighter should you go? Most often bleach will be used to lighten the hair using the balayage technique but not always.
  • Do you wear your hair straight or curly/wavy?
  • Are you prepared for the cost? Doing it the right way can take up to four hours or more and that will be reflected in the price.

Traditional coloring techniques like solid colors, foil highlights, and the bleach and tone will never go the way of the dodo but fortunately hunky, blocky, stripe-y colors are. Ombré/balayage may be the hottest hair trend to come along EVER!  Simply put there is no better way to color medium to longer hair to achieve a more naturally beautiful result.  If you follow almost any hairstylist or salon on Instagram these days you can see why.  Social media has become a forum for hairstylists to showcase their latest masterpieces. Every day stylists are analyzing each others work and perfecting their own and as a result more variations are being put forth all the time. It is clear who the winner is here…our clients.

Technique is the thing!

Having started my career back when foil highlights were just beginning to take off I remember how stylists struggled to learn to do it well at first. There wasn’t a whole lot of advanced education around. I myself as a junior stylist left the first salon I worked at to find a mentor to teach me better foiling techniques – there was nobody in that salon of 10 stylists that were doing foil highlights yet!  Fast forward to today and it’s a whole different story. Foil highlights are taught quite well in hair school and young stylists have ample opportunities to learn anything they wish by watching You Tube tutorials or attending seminars. Even so, working alongside very talented stylists in a salon culture that values advanced training is still one of the best ways to develop your skills. Why do I bring this up in an article about ombré and balayage? Because technique and being trained really well are vital to achieving a great result and here at Élan Hair Studio this is what we believe in.

If ever there was a time when hairdressing as a trade was achieving its goal of providing the most beautiful results possible, it is now!

Post By Renn VanDyck Master Stylist and Salon Owner

Title Image Hair By Kendra(Senior Stylist at Elan)



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