Fall Trend Alert!

Fall is here:

October is flying by and typically it is one of our slowest months. Not so this year. In fact I’ve had to throw out all my business trend forecasts this year since slow months have been busier and busy months have been slower. I won’t bore you with that topic though; I want to talk about fall trends and why I’m excited about them:


Copper and mauve ombré by Rachel at Élan Hair Studio

The lead up to this fall has seen some spectacular trends being perfected by stylists, posted on social media and enjoyed by our clients; silver ombré, rose gold and vivid rainbows to name a few. Already we have seen some spectacular work and here is what I’m observing taking place:

  • Chocolates are huge! I’m seeing light brown chocolates are mixed with golden highlights. Beautiful! Darker browns with red or mauve accents. Since these looks are more likely to have the accent tones lower down sometimes these results can be achieved quite easily by mixing the right shade in a deposit only formula over your grown out ombré. This may be more subtle however and a more involved technique may be required to achieve greater contrast in tone and level.
  • Reds have been flying under the radar for a while but are booming now and clients and stylists are falling in love with the variations: cinnamon highlights, powdery rose color melts, terracotta hues and champagne copper. Reds and browns are blended in new ways too. One of my favorites is when deep mauve is added in to give it an extra rich look.
  • Light hair is carrying right through the fall but the blond ombré  is creeping up and getting warmer. What I mean by that is that the drop root is not as far down and stylists are mixing traditional foils in with their balayage technique. I personally love this as it adds another dimension since bleach will typically go lighter in a foil adding more iridescence after toning. The tones are getting warmer too. Try a mix of honey and cinnamon blond if you have a pink or olive complexion.

If I’ve inspired you to make an appointment with your favorite colorist than you’re in for a treat. One thing I advise is to take full advantage of the consultation time your colorist should give you before she or he runs to the dispensary to mix up the first bowl. Taking an extra 10 minutes to brainstorm your vision together will help ensure the result is awesome!

by: Renn VanDyck
Salon Owner/Master Stylist

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